Cake specialises in providing closely aligned business units which work together for our clients. These are typically for large-scale industrial and commercial organisations and government-funded agencies throughout New Zealand.


Fit for purpose high quality Demolition services for commercial, industrial and infrastructure assets.

What we offer

Through our combined years of experience we have been involved with all manner of Demolition Projects, from small private properties to multi-level buildings, as well as more specialised projects.

We have the capability to efficiently plan and project manage all types of Demolition Projects and advise on the quickest, safest and most environmentally sound course of action.

Safety is number one

Safety is our focus as we undertake our Demolition and Decommissioning Services throughout New Zealand.

Our teams and contractors are highly trained Demolition experts. Effective planning and methodologies around how we execute our work are vital and ensure that all risks are planned for.

We continually receive positive feedback from clients about the quality of our safety plans, and how we communicated in detail how we planned to undertake our work efficiently and safely.

Nationwide Services

Our Demolition Service is nationwide with teams based in Auckland and Christchurch, covering the whole of New Zealand.