Cake specialises in providing closely aligned business units which work together for our clients. These are typically for large-scale industrial and commercial organisations and government-funded agencies throughout New Zealand.


What are Intumescent Coatings?

Intumescent Coatings can provide an appearance similar to that of a paint finish, and at ambient temperatures they remain stable. However, in a fire situation, the increase in temperature causes a chemical reaction and the Intumescent Coating expands to many times its original thickness. This provides an insulating foam-like coating or ‘char’ which protects the substrate.

The Intumescent Coating is designed to insulate the steel, and prevent the temperature of the steel from rising to a critical point at which structural failure becomes possible. Once heat is applied to these products they expand significantly and this in turn provides an insulating layer between the heat source and the substrate. As with most protective measures the product is only as effective as its weakest point so the correct application of these products is critical.

Intumescent Coatings are typically used as Passive Fire Protection in a variety of built environments and can be applied to numerous substrates. These include structural steel elements, timber, and plasterboard.

What we offer

A large team of fully trained staff capable of applying both thick and thin film intumescent coatings to steel and other substrates, on commercial and industrial projects throughout New Zealand.

  • Application of thin film intumescent coatings - both water - and solvent-borne
  • Application of thick film intumescent coatings – 100% solid epoxy intumescent coatings such as chartek 1709 and 212
  • Approved applicators of Akzo Nobel, Altex, Zone Phoenix, and Resene intumescent coatings
  • A large team of specialist and vastly experienced spray applicators
  • A live up-to-the-minute quality assurance software programme, providing detailed progress of each project at any time

Specialist Equipment

We use the latest technology for the application of Intumescent coating systems. No two projects are the same, so our practical knowledge that we have gained combined with our extensive range of spray equipment enable us to produce high quality and efficient work for any type of Intumescent project, no matter how complex.

Our thorough and in-depth experience of applying various Intumescent coatings in a number of different environments enable our skilled team to select the most appropriate spray equipment each and every time.

Our wide range of equipment consists of:

  • Various sized Graco spray pumps and associated equipment to suit each coating system
  • WIWA single leg Pneumatic PFP pumps (Hercules) for on-site application of 100% solid (Thick Film) intumescent coatings
  • WIWA plural PFP pump for off-site application of thick film intumescent coatings
  • Multiple compressors ranging in sizes from 100CFM to 850CFM
  • Fully customised vehicles and trailers to transport our equipment

An Experienced Team of Qualified Protective Coating Applicators

Our team is one of most experienced intumescent coatings teams throughout New Zealand:
Having a highly motivated team of expert Protective Coating Spray Applicators ensures each project is completed on time, on budget and to a high standard of workmanship. Our focus is on continual training and development for all of our team. Investing in our people is reflected by our reputation in the marketplace of carrying out our works safely and to the highest quality every time.

  • NACE qualified professionals
  • Train the Painter accredited
  • Skills matrix review on each and every team member for on-going development
  • Peer training and mentoring
  • All our staff are trained extensively in QA procedures and specifications
  • Voluntary 3rd party independent inspections