Thin Film Intumescent Coating Applicator Course

Course Content

Day One - Theoretical Lessons
  • Fire protection design
  • What is Intumescent Coating
  • Fire protection of steel work
  • Types of fire specifications
  • Coating methodology
  • Common intumescent coating failures
  • Surface preparation and priming quantities
  • Wet and dry thickness
  • Intumescent coating types and mixing
  • Drying times and topcoats
  • Inspection equipment
  • Environmental conditions
  • Finishing
  • Quality documentation and risk assessments
  • Intumescent coating specification
  • Effects of poor application
Day Two - Airless Spray Practical Workshop
Session 1
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements
  • PPE and RPE
  • Safety Awareness/Hazards
  • Preparation equipment familiarization
Session 2
  • Spray equipment familiarization
  • Intumescent coating suppliers’ instructions and maintenance manuals
  • Spray equipment parts
  • Setting up the spray equipment ready for use with intumescent paints
Session 3
  • Material data sheets and understanding specific requirements for intumescent paints
  • Selection of guns, tips, hoses, and connectors
  • Safety checks and pressures when using intumescent paints
  • Flush materials (readiness for spray application)
Session 4
  • Setting down
  • Importance of cleaning intumescent paints from lines and all equipment
  • Storage
Day Three  - Airless Spray Practical Workshop
Session 5
  • Beginning to use the spray equipment
  • Final check of the pressures, tips etc.
  • Material mixing
  • Material flushing (spray equipment)
  • Learning the spray techniques for thicker intumescent coatings
  • Spray application of the coatings
  • Geometries including Hollow columns, I-beams, angle beams
  • Wet film thickness and calculations
  • Visual appearance
  • Common wet film defects in intumescent paint Application
Session 6
  • Working with intumescent specifications, code of practices and industry guidelines
  • Importance of environmental conditions when applying and curing intumescent paints
  • Dry film thickness
  • Documentation
  • Fault finding specific to intumescent coating systems and how to put them right
Session 7
  • Theoretical Assessments
  • Practical assessments

Thin Film Intumescent Coating Applicator Course - 3 days

Not Currently Available

Starts: Friday 1st January 2021
Ends: Friday 31st December 2021

Must have completed the Silver Course OR
Must have 800 hours experience

Please note: For in-class/company bookings a minimum number of 4 candidates are required

Contact us for available dates.