While our success as a company can certainly be measured in contracts, in dollars and in new projects, we also measure success in personal terms. Our five core values are the metrics with which we hold ourselves accountable to each other and to our clients; they empower our culture, set our course and guide our decisions. They form the foundation on which Cake Commercial can stand, grow and achieve. We strive for industry excellence in Safety, Quality and Leadership.

Encourage Personal Growth

At Cake Commercial we celebrate personal achievement. We believe there are leaders and innovators inside each of our employees. Untapped potential that yearns to be explored.  Your personal growth is the key to our corporate growth and the possibilities that lie within each of you are limitless. We continually train and upskill our people at every step in your career with us. If we don’t train, then you leave us and we all lose.  However, when we train you and you stay with us, we all benefit in personal and professional growth. We care about your families and those goals you have outside of work. We encourage financial freedom and provide goal setting guidance and savings plans. We want you to get ahead in life.  The more focused you are in life, the more you focus on the success and growth of Cake Commercial and enjoy your day at work.

Mutual Respect for Everyone

At Cake Commercial, respect means respect for all.  While there are various levels of authority here, managers, supervisors and employees are all equally granted a voice.  We realise the importance of good communication and that transformative ideas and insights can come from anyone.  The value of mutual respect for all ensures our ability to learn from each other, to grow and to evolve into a truly world-class company.  Mutual respect means we are equals and everyone matters.  We are a team and each of us has an important contribution to make.  Your thoughts, concerns and insights are always valued at Cake Commercial.

Be a Safety Leader

We are all safety leaders, whether in the office or in the field.
Our work environment is, to say the least, extreme.  Climbing towers hundreds of feet high and working an arm’s length from live wires surging with power requires an unprecedented attention to safety.  We take safety very seriously.  And while we have achieved our ISO 45001certification, each day brings new safety challenges and demands.  That’s why this core value is so important.  For our job sites to be truly safe, each of us needs to take responsibility and be a safety leader.  It’s not enough to make assumptions that someone else has insured our safety.  We must each take personal responsibility as well as responsibility for our team to ensure our projects are incident free.

Be The Best at What you Do

Each of us can strive to be our best selves.  The Self that chooses what’s right over what’s easy or expedient, that recognises what needs to be done and does it.  The Self that we can look back on at the end of the day with pride; realising we showed up, we got it done and we gave it our all.  It’s a personal decision every day and we value the effort and determination it takes to be our best selves.  For each other, for the company and for our customers.

Enjoy your Job and do an Honest days Work

A positive attitude about work is transformative. For people who enjoy their work the days are never long, the tasks are never tedious and their co-workers become friends.  The work we do has great significance. We protect valuable assets, we save resources and we support families.  We take pride in our work and we strive daily to be productive and efficient at it. Teams who share this common core value work well together, they anticipate each other’s needs and are ready before asked and in the best scenarios, they work as one.  This core value helps us establish personal goals of productivity and excellence.  It makes projects go smoother and the positive attitude of one fosters a positive attitude for all.