Cake specialises in providing closely aligned business units which work together for our clients. These are typically for large-scale industrial and commercial organisations and government-funded agencies throughout New Zealand.

Transmission Tower Painting

First-class energised tower refurbishment, maintenance and painting services on live-line assets across New Zealand and Fiji.

What we offer

We’re at the top of our industry – literally. We provide first-class energised tower repair, maintenance and painting services to transmission and broadcasting assets across New Zealand. Specifically, we offer safe and innovative solutions such as:

  • High pressure water blasting from 2000-5000 PSI
  • Wet Abrasive Blasting (WAB)
  • Application of various protective coating systems
  • Corrosion assessment and mitigation
  • Steel and bolt replacement, earth plate

Safety is number one! We will not compromise on Safety

Our experience is that our clients think the same way. We like that. It means our values align and we have a shared goal of ensuring every person on our projects returns home safely at the end of every day. Painting at heights in an energised zone is a very high risk activity requiring specialist training and stringent work practices. Our crews are disciplined and highly trained in painting energised circuits. Our work practices and methodologies incorporate safety at every level.

Capable and Trained Energised Tower Painters

We have a well-seasoned team of multidisciplined tower painting/rigging and industrial rope access technicians.

All members are certified in tower rescue, working at heights and high risk work environments. Some of our staff have been painting energised circuits around the world for over 15 years.

All team members, before deemed competent, must undergo an intensive training and certification process. Many of the team are Train the Painter and NACE qualified.

Other training topics include:

  • Site – specific electrical theory and practical knowledge – critical for working at heights on energised structures
  • Equipotential bonding of plant and machinery
  • Mechanical preparation, water blasting and/or wet abrasive blasting steel lattice towers
  • Application of various protective coatings