Cake Commercial Services specialises in corrosion control solutions, Protective Coatings & Blasting, Intumescent Coatings, Concrete Remediation and Passive Fire Protection Services typically for large-scale industrial organisations and government-funded agencies throughout New Zealand.

Cake are the first to apply Interchar 3120

With thanks to our relationship with International Paint, Cake have been afforded the great opportunity of being the first applicator of Interchar 3120 in New Zealand.

Cake are very proud to have been the first applicator of Interchar 3120 from AkzoNobel in New Zealand.


Thanks to our relationship with International Paint, Cake have been afforded the opportunity to utilise the Interchar 3120 product during our Intumescent Coating work at the large scale Commercial Bay development in Downtown Auckland.


In International’s own words, you can expect the following from Interchar 3120:


Improved aesthetics

Enhanced appearance of topcoats through a smooth finish with improved levelling compared to typical epoxy PFP coatings.


Savings on maintenance and repair costs via superior durability on internal and external steel.

Specification simplicity

Greater design freedom delivered through enhanced aesthetics allowing for more exposed steel work across a range of structural section types.

Peace of mind

Optimized design from AkzoNobel’s in-house Structural Fire Design Team providing improved fire protection solutions and support


Reduced emissions to the environment as a 100% volume solids coating.


Cake are delighted to say that our application of the product has been greatly successful, and we’d like to thank International Paint for affording us the opportunity to use it on such a significant project.