Commercial Bay

Downtown Auckland

Project Details
Project Type
Intumescent Coatings
Fletchers Construction
Services Utilised
Intumescent Coatings, Protective Coatings & Blasting
Project Description

Cake Group are delighted to have been engaged by Fletchers Construction to undertake the Intumescent and Protective Coatings work within a momentous commercial project in Downtown Auckland. Our client mentioned a large and complex development which would require many challenging Intumescent and Protective Coating applications, and we said, “Lets do it”.

This was the beginning of Cake’s involvement in the Commercial Bay project.

The landmark development for Precinct Properties, headed by Fletcher Construction, is set to be a large-scale office and retail space, and will be the second largest multi-story building in the country upon completion. Cake’s years of experience and success in the application of various Intumescent Coatings were required for this project, and throughout its development we have applied specialised coatings such as Interchar 2090, Interchar 2060, Interchar 1260, and Interchar 212.

We are also proud to announce that through a trusted relationship with International Paint, Cake have been the first Coating Applicator in New Zealand to apply the Interchar 3120 product. The application of the product has been greatly successful, and we’d like to thank International Paint for affording us the opportunity to use it on such a significant project.

The Commercial Bay development is set for completion within the first quarter of 2020. Cake are extremely proud to have played an integral part of the successful delivery of the project, and we’d like to give thanks to Fletchers Construction for engaging us and giving us the opportunity to do so.‍