Waste Tanks

Wainui, New Zealand

Project Details
Project Type
Concrete Remediation
Fulton Hogan
Services Utilised
Concrete Remediation, Concrete Injection
Project Description

Cake have been engaged by Fulton Hogan to provide our Concrete Remediation services in the development of a new tunnelling network for sewage systems at Wainui, New Zealand.

Waste tanks on site were found to have leaks which required specialist injection work to be undertaken. The injection process involved drilling into the concrete joints and then inserting steel packers. Packing foam was then injected into the gaps to prevent pressurised water from escaping. This was followed by the use of an airless pump to apply a polyurethane water stop to successfully seal the joints.

We're proud to have been engaged by Fulton Hogan for this specialist Concrete work, and we look forward to the successful completion of the project.