Seascape Residential


Project Details
Project Type
54 Level Residential apartment with commercial section
Jing Gong Steel International
Services Utilised
Protective Coatings
December 2021 – June 2024
Project Description

Seascape Residential is a project which consists of a 54-story steel mega structure.

Cake have been engaged for the supply and application of protective paint coatings to the structure mainly being intumescent coatings by international/Akzo Nobel.

We are roughly 50 perecent complete and currently coating at level 26.

A few of the challenges , which we have encountered so far include working at heights and exposure to the weather, and multiple products being used within one floor level. We also have to access the south façade elevation by means of a mast climber.

Cake Commercial Services received CCNZL contractor of the month award for the Month of April for Health and Safety compliance.