Pool in Blenheim

Blenheim, New Zealand

Project Details
Project Type
Protective Coatings & Blasting
Services Utilised
Protective Coatings, Abrasive Blasting
Project Description

Cake were recently engaged to undertake the preparation and re-coating of a large swimming pool within a Government facility in Blenheim, New Zealand.

Our protective coating and blasting team began the process with an abrasive blast of the large swimming pool to remove the existing coating system and ensure the pool surface was prepared to a high standard.Following this, excess dust and garnet were vacuumed from the pool and a high-pressure waterblast was undertaken to remove any remaining contaminates to the concrete surface area.  


Once dry, our team set to work applying an epoxy leveling compound to various areas,  and provided concrete remediation to the substrate as required.  Masking of the surrounding pool area to protect non paintable surfaces. We applied multiple coats via spray application using  Rust-Oleum 9100” an Epoxy Mastic pool coating system to effectively seal and protect the pool substrate and met the manufacturers film thickness for the coating system. Once the bulk of the pool coating system was completed, we began masking and the black line marking and various numbering around the pool. QA and touch ups was then completed, allowing a 7 day cure process prior to re-filling the pool for use.