Grey Lynn Apartments

Grey Lynn, New Zealand

Project Details
Project Type
Intumescent Coating
Teak Construction
Services Utilised
Intumsecent Coatings, Protective Coatings & Abrasive Blasting
Project Description

Cake have been engaged by Teak Construction to provide our Blasting & Intumescent Coatings services throughout an existing apartment complex in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Our team were initially brought in to carry out an abrasive blasting of corrosion damaged steel beams and columns throughout the site, and then reinstating all Intumescent Coatings to the structural steelworks throughout the building and both carparks.

The scope of Cakes work evolved dramatically once onsite however, as removing existing cladding exposed a large amount of steelwork which also needed to be reinstated with specialised Intumescent Coatings to meet compliance.

Because the scope of the works increased, our programme deadlines became critical to our overall performance on this project. Our hours of work were very limited due to operating in a residential area, and our team could only work onsite between 7 – 5pm on weekdays and 8 – 2pm on Saturdays. It was critical for Cake to undertake careful planning of our works to help maintain an ongoing and positive relationship with our client and the neighbouring residents. We ensured there was daily communication with the entire project team onsite and made certain that carparks remained operational for residents throughout the entire process.

Cake are proud to have been able to provide our specialised Protective Coating & Blasting and Intumescent Coatings services to Teak Construction, and we’d like to thank them for their professional and collaborative handling of the project throughout its evolution. We’re looking forward to the successful completion of this project and hope to have the opportunity to work with Teak again in the future.