Fiji Communication Towers

Western Fiji

Project Details
Project Type
Tower Painting
Energy Fiji Limited (EFL)
Services Utilised
Tower Painting, Specialist Height Services
3 Weeks
Project Description

As part of Cake’s continued Towers work on the Island, our Fijian Towers crew have been tasked with undertaking the routine maintenance of four Communications Tower throughout Western Fiji. This is part of a 10 tower project around Fiji and including another Island, Vanua Levu.


The operation was not unlike the works that our Towers team are already undertaking on Transmission Towers across Fiji. One significant difference,however, is the additional Radio Frequency dishes attached to the Towers. These dishes add a challenge as they must be carefully bagged to protect them from the abrasive blasting and painting, and movement around the tower also differs as our crews must avoid RF risks. Being a Communications Tower also meant that our team didn’t have to worry about any high voltage lines.  

Despite the challenges introduced by the RF dishes, our expert team was able to conduct their operations as normal. This involved blasting and painting the four towers which were sometimes spread apart by up to 2 hours. The weather was also challenging at times, as on some days our team had to stop painting because the temperature of the steel reached 40+ degrees, and sometimes as early as 9am!


The team had to relocated from Suva to Lautoka with all our plant and equipment for this operation, and we managed to complete the work in3 weeks, a whole week ahead of schedule! Our client EFL have been very positive and supportive and it’s another big tick for the Fiji crew. Naka!