Battling Wellington Weather

Wellington, New Zealand

Project Details
Project Type
Transmission Tower Painting
Services Utilised
Tower Painting
Project Description

The Wellington team certainly get the biggest towers and the toughest weather to deal with; this tower is located on the Makara Hills above Karori. It’s difficult to get the right weather to do any painting, and as you can see a normal foggy day means we only keep blasting the tower and hope for a break to get to the painting. Normally we could do this type of tower in about 2-3 weeks but at this time of year it could take over a month. We have loaded 2 crews onto this beast and they are battling daily with Wellington rain, high winds and the wind chill factor, taking the weather windows of opportunity as they arise. Huge respect to the team for keeping up morale during this time as it does not get much tougher on the mind and body than this.