Auckland Normal Intermediate Pool


Project Details
Project Type
Utilities Cake Commercial Services
Water Shed
Services Utilised
Protective coatings
6 days
Project Description

Our Utilities team at Cake were recently engaged by Auckland Normal Intermediate School to undertake the preparation and re-coating of their large swimming pool.

The project was comprised of numerous aspects of work, some being:

· Water blasting 5000psi

· Sweep abrasive blasting to remove delaminating coatings. This was also used to create a profile for old existing coating prior to application

· Apply 802 sealant to expansion joints where required

· Application of 2 coats of Rustoleum 9100 DFT of 350 microns to spec

· Masking and reinstatement of the black lines

· Application Rustoleum topcoat around the perimeter of the pool to protect it from chalking from the NZ sun

The team successfully completed the project and have received positive comments from the school.

“Looks fantastic! Thanks so much.” – Jill Farquharson (School Principal)

“Thanks Hemi the job looks great”