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Zero Incidents Process Training

This month many of us have had the opportunity to take part in the ZIP (Zero Incidents Process) provided by 'Sentis'.

ZIP is a process that gives you a genuine opportunity to reach the target of zero incidents. That is, you will go home every day in the same state in which you came to work and vice-versa: you will come to work each day from home with everything in working order.

ZIP is a psychological-based safety process designed specifically to empower you. Participants are empowered and equipped with the knowledge and tools to take control of not only their thinking but the results they achieve at work and in life. It does this by giving insight into the way your brain works, how you are thinking, your attitudes and values, especially regarding safe outcomes.

A big thanks to all those that attended and making the most out of what the course has to offer us not only individually but as a team. This was great stuff, and it will certainly help cement our values within the company and what is most important to us all.

Remember your PB5, make good decisions, and stay safe team.