Cake Commercial Services specialises in corrosion control solutions, abrasive blasting and protective coating services for concrete and steel typically for large-scale industrial organisations and government-funded agencies throughout New Zealand.

Train the Painter Programme

Two of our Behavioural Values are to be “The Best at What You Do” and to “Encourage Personal Growth”...

Two of our Behavioural Values are to be “The Best at What You Do” and to “Encourage Personal Growth”; and within CAKE, we are committed to enabling this for all of our employees.

Upon joining Cake, our painters are enrolled on a structured “Train the Painter” programme to provide due exposure to the key facets of our business. Upon completion, our painters will obtain an internationally recognised certification.

Designed by industry experts, Train the Painter course was conceived in response to the strong demand within the industrial coatings industry. Teams working on road, rail, oil and gas all attain professional specified certificates.

The extensive programme can only be conducted by experienced and qualified trainers who successfully completed the “Train the Trainer” course. It uses innovative and unique interactive techniques which include animations and videos to compliment the text and handout materials. The programme also provides accredited supplementary modules in Thin Film Intumescent coating.

Assessment are conducted by an independent assessors for SSPC certification (The Society  for Protective Coatings).

Here is the full video to give you a quick look on what our recognised Programme is all about (Source: SSPC Train the Painter video):


Watch out for our next article showcasing our painters in action during the Train the Painter programme.