Cake Commercial Services specialises in corrosion control solutions, Protective Coatings & Blasting, Intumescent Coatings, Concrete Remediation and Passive Fire Protection Services typically for large-scale industrial organisations and government-funded agencies throughout New Zealand.

Meet Cake's New Training Manager, Daniel Aston!

Cake are pleased to introduce our new Training Manager, Daniel Aston! With his vast array of experience and expertise, he makes a valuable addition to the Cake Family!

Cake would like to extend a warm welcome to Daniel Aston, our new training manager!

Daniel brings with him an array of experience and knowledge from across the industry. Contributing his abilities, which extend from his specialised background in working at heights, process and development projects for the Wind Energy and Geo-technical sectors along with leadership qualities from within the Defence Force.

Within his role as Training Manager Daniel’s core responsibility is to ensure that our team have the most up to date skills and relevant competencies current with NZ legislation. Identifying areas where individuals can increase their potential, personal performance and continuously develop themselves.

Cake's Protective Coatings Team Undergoing Training

“I believe that every employee should have the ability to learn whatever skills they require to do their job in the best and safest way possible. Our staff are our most valuable assets, empowering them to perform at their highest potential and have the confidence to do so helps enable the company as a whole to be the best it can be.”

Daniel reviews and develops the processes in the way we perform the tasks we do, maintaining alignment with ‘Best Practice Guidelines’and ‘Codes of Practice’ to ensure that we are giving our staff the most informed instructions on how to safely and efficiently perform their professions.

Cake's Drury Training Centre

It’s at Cake’s Drury Training Centre where the full scope of Daniel’s skillset comes on display. Here, Daniel leads the Cake team through a range of practical training exercises which help our team to perform at the highest level. Currently the Training Centre is used to train Cake’s own personnel exclusively, however, there are ambitions to widen our scope and open the Centre for external use, strengthening the overall expertise of the industry.