Protective Coatings - Steel

As well as the application of protective coatings, we also provide inspection services to assess corrosion levels and create maintenance strategies.

We can also design specifications to meet service life requirements and we can utilise all forms of specialist surface preparation and the various containment measures to match.

What we offer

We offer the most cost-effective and tailored made solutions to match any clients’ needs. 

We work on a wide variety of structures and assets, from Pipes, to steel structures to Steel Lattice Towers and High Rise buildings.

We provide a range of comprehensive road and bridge services with proven track record on a range of maintenance projects:

  • We have vast experience in designing and undertaking corrosion mitigation strategies on steel bridges throughout New Zealand in a wide variety of environments.

Our coordinated service includes the use of:

  • Access machinery
  • Scaffolding  
  • Specialist Height Services / Rope access
  • Traffic management
  • High-pressure water and abrasive blasting
  • Confined Spaces

Abrasive Blasting and Specialist Spray Equipment

The correct preparation and adherence to specifications ensures each project is built to last.  Using the right surface preparation equipment is vital and can save time, money, and provide efficiencies throughout the project.  Cakes has a large range of specialist blasting equipment that can cater to suit a range steel coatings projects in different service environments.  All our equipment is mobile and can be taken almost anywhere. 

Examples are:

  • Pencil blasters – used for detailed or delicate surfaces
  • Conventional Wet Abrasive Blasting systems
  • Air assisted/Mist Blasting (low dust)
  • Dry Blasting pots
  • A range of compressors form 100CFM to 850CFM.

We have an extensive range spray application equipment in order to produce high quality and efficient work for all types of Steel Coating applications:

  • All sizes of Graco spray pumps and associated equipment 
  • Hercules Spray equipment
  • Plural Component spray equipment
  • Customised built vehicles and trailers to suit the various equipment required.