Protective Coatings - Marine

All aspects of protective marine coating projects from preparation, application, confined space work and quality assurance.
What We Offer

Surface preparation and application on protective coatings within a marine environment.

We cover all aspects of protective marine coating projects from:

  • Preparation, application, confined space work and quality assurance
  • This includes high pressure water jetting, water blasting and air assisted abrasive blasting preparation.

We have extensive experience in the marine coatings environment, including working closely with the NZ Navy and Babcock in Devonport.

Projects include working on ships such as the HMNZS ENDEAVOUR and HMNZS TAUPO, and a number of foreign commercial ships in the dry docks.


Our crews work in all areas of the ship – from ballast and fuel tanks, to decks and hull work. Highly competent in both the containment and the design of confined space work procedures, we can safely meet the requirements that are particular to maritime environments and vessels. Making the most of time off the water is key. Depending on requirements, we can either manage an entire project or work within your existing framework. With proven relationships in the dry docks, we can deliver what is promised – and more when possible – in what are typically limited and tight work timeframes.


We have a large team Protective Coating Applicators who have in depth training and experience working within a dry dock situation. Our team are trained in:

  • Confined spaces
  • Working and at heights
  • EWP Training
  • CPR First Aid
  • QA Systems
  • Train the Painter accredited for protective Coating application
  • NACE Level 1 and above expertise on hand.
Abrasive Blasting and Specialist Spray Equipment

Preparation on steel surfaces is key to ensure each project is built to last. Using the right equipment can save time and money and provide efficiencies throughout the project.  Cake have a large range of specialist blasting and other preparation equipment to suit a range of steel coatings projects and different environments.  All our equipment is mobile and can be utilised in any situation. Some of our plant includes:

  • Pencil blasters – Used for fine blasting
  • Wet Abrasive Blasting units
  • Mist Blasters
  • Dry Blasting pots
  • A range of compressors from 100CFM to 850CFM 
  • Specialist Breathing equipment
  • Forced air ventilation systems
  • Explosive proof lighting
  • Various Graco spray pumps and associated equipment
  • WIWA Single Leg PFP Hercules pump
  • WIWA Plural Component spray equipment
  • Fully Customised vehicles and trailers to suit each project and the different environments.