South Island Substation

South Island

Project Details
Project Type
Class A asbestos removal, refit of interior lining
Electrical Utility
Services Utilised
Asbestos, building and painting
4 weeks
Project Description

Cake Commercial Services were engaged to carry out the removal of interior linings to the Relay room in a south island sub station.

There are many pieces of live equipment within the building which had to be protected and kept operational throughout the project. By installing ducted fans in through or asbestos enclosure and past the protective plastic sheeting covering these equipment banks, we were able to control the temperature of this sensitive equipment and successfully remove the asbestos material from all walls, ceilings and internal partitions within the building.

Our builders refitted plywood sheets where we had removed the linings and these are currently being painted by our team with a view of site completion and hand over next week.