Industrial Admin Building

Glenbrook, New Zealand

Project Details
Project Type
Asbestos Removal
Services Utilised
Asbestos Removal, Environmental Clean
Project Description

Cake have proudly been engaged to carry out an Asbestos Removal operation within an industrial admin building in Glenbrook, New Zealand.

The client is looking to upgrade the structures ventilation systems, and this means that the ceiling needs to be exposed in order to replace the old system. Unfortunately, decades of degradation to Asbestos cladding has resulted in the large accumulation of contaminated dust within the rafters and in numerous services within the ceiling void.

To address this, Cake has been tasked with removing the ceiling and undertaking a full environmental clean of the entire surface area of the ceiling void. Part of our operation has also involved the removal of several AHU (Air Handling Unit) which were found to be heavily contaminated with asbestos dust. Our team removed these from the roof using a 100T crane and then disposed of them as contaminated waste. In addition to our work in the ceiling, Cake have also carried out a full strip of other asbestos containing products such as linoleum flooring.

Cake are privileged to have had the opportunity to work with the client on this project. It has been run in a professional and collaborative manner and we are looking forward to making sure that this project is complete successfully to the clients standards.