Buller Hospital


Project Details
Project Type
Buller Hospital
Services Utilised
Asbestos Removal and Demolition
Project Description

Our Cake team comprised of Kevin, Nik, Bayu, and Herman worked alongside George, Thomas, and Shawn from Johnson Brothers Transport at Buller Hospital. They are currently working on a demolition project and are right in the thick of the action with no signs of slowing down.

As this is a demolition project with that often comes asbestos.

A huge amount of asbestos material has been removed from the building and surrounding grounds over the past 4 months. This removal has allowed demolition and site work to proceed, as we push towards the end of this large-scale project.

The entire roof, ceiling and support structure are also being removed at present.

It is a big task, then add in a solid week of heavy West Coast rain and wind to make it even harder, the boys are doing an excellent job.

A big thanks to Hanif and Paulino who have travelled from the North Island and have helped on-site before and after Christmas. They have contributed their skills and have added more bodies to the team.

A few variations have pushed the project out, so we now have an end date of early March.