Asbestos Stairwell

Wellington, New Zealand

Project Details
Project Type
Asbestos Removal
Large Non-profit Organisation
Services Utilised
Asbestos Removal, Environmental Clean
1 month
Project Description

Cake Group have recently had the opportunity to provide arrange of our services to a large non-profit organisation. The client enlisted the services of Cake’s Asbestos Removal and Passive Fire Protection divisions to remediate a concrete stairwell in an existing structure within the CBD of Wellington,New Zealand.

During the buildings construction Asbestos Rope was utilised to seal the gap between the prefabricated stairwell and the main structure. The purpose of this was to seal the stairwell so that the spread of toxic smoke would be slowed during a fire, bringing the building to compliance. Rigorous seismic activity in the region has shifted the stairwell however, resulting inthe Asbestos Rope becoming damaged and dislodged, breaking the seal and creating a series of fire penetrations.


Cake’s Asbestos Removal team began the two-part operation by setting up an Asbestos containment area to isolate the stairwell and to safely manage the hazardous material. With safety measures taken, our team could begin removing the remaining Asbestos Rope and any Asbestos containing debris which had fallen into the ceiling space below each set of stairs. Once collected, our team safely disposed of the Asbestos at an appropriate waste facility and undertook an environmental clean of the entire stairwell, vacuuming the air and surfaces to ensure that the area was free of contaminants and prepared for Cake’s Passive Fire team to begin stage two of the operation.


By securing the services of multiple Cake divisions the client has been able to enjoy a seamless and effective transition between the Asbestos Removal and Passive Fire works.