Area School

Whangarei, New Zealand

Project Details
Project Type
Asbestos Removal
Griffiths and Associates Limited
Services Utilised
Asbestos Removal, Environmental Cleaning, Demolition
1 month
Project Description

Cake were recently engaged to provide our Asbestos Removal and Demolition Services to a School in the upper North Island near Whangarei, New Zealand. The project was completed in two stages, with the first involving the removal of Asbestos from the site and the second focusing on the large-scale Demolition of multiple structures at the School.

Before Demolition works could begin, Stage One involved the removal of identified Asbestos Cladding. Upon further inspection however,Cake’s Class A Asbestos supervisor onsite uncovered a large amount of material which she suspected to be Asbestos containing. An independent assessor confirmed her suspicions. This resulted in Cake adjusting the previous methodology to account for the change in scope.  

Our team then set to work removing the Asbestos Cladding and other Asbestos Containing Materials, and once Cake was confident that all Asbestos had been removed and safely disposed of at an appropriate waste facility, the Demolition works were able to begin.

Cake are pleased to have had the opportunity to provide our services to the client and thank them for working professionally and effectively with us to complete the task at hand.