Staff Well-being Programme

July 7, 2017

We have been running a health and wellbeing programme for our tower painting division in the past year with great success!

“Our job can be physically demanding and needs serious mind and body conditioning to avoid the occurrence of possible injuries. We have engaged physiotherapists from the Devonport Physiotherapy Clinic to do monthly physical checks to ensure our staff are in tip top shape! The physiotherapists run through several exercises designed to keep the team fit, healthy and safe.” says Director for Projects - Anthony Nicholas.

Physical exercises are done in the morning which cover diaphragmatic breathing, core strength and muscle conditioning movements. The exercises are designed to minimise muscle and body strain, stress and fatigue. Lastly, it also promotes positive atmosphere and strong camaraderie amongst each member.

Some of the Transmission tower crew receiving instructions from Physiotherapists Sarah and Darryl.
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