Installation of a LED Light Navigational Warning System

September 8, 2017

Installation of a LED Light Navigational Warning System to a 180 Meter Tower Site

Our CEO Clive Mackay has recently visited our Canada based sister company - Tower Power Group to see and check the various Tower Power job sites across Canada and also meet with our thriving and vibrant team.

Left Image: LED Light Navigational System. Right Image: 180 meter tower site in Thompson Manitoba, Canada

Tower Power Group provides energised tower painting services, transmission line services and tower maintenance to communication and other structures and has offices in British Columbia and Halifax.

‍Different angle of the 180 meter Tower Site in Thompson Manitoba, Canada.

During his visit, Clive also assisted in the installation of a new LED light navigational warning system to a huge 180 meter chimney stack. 

“We are definitely happy to serve some of our big clients across Canada! Watch out for more outstanding projects that we will feature in the months to come.” 

‍Our action man - CEO Clive Mackay working on the tower site.

Left Image: Still all smiles atop the 180 meters tower! Our North American Tower Painting Operations Director Mike MacDougall hands-on with the installation of the LED light navigational warning system. Right Image: Mike taking a break and posing at the site with one of our Tower Painters.

‍Perfect timing! The team captured a jet passing behind the tower. Postcard from our Canada team.
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