Cake now uses CONQA software

June 30, 2017

We have been working closely with Conqa to develop the ultimate QA Software process for Protective Coatings industry. 

Conqa is a software solution specifically designed to cater to the construction industry’s needs.

As quality is a significant measure of our progress - an efficient, transparent, collaborative effort in Quality Assurance (QA) ensures that we know we have met and exceeded our clients’ specifications and expectations. Using a cloud based technology allows the entire painting process to make all QA documentation instantly accessible.

Our team has designed products to be simple, efficient and user friendly, while automatically generating useful insights and tracking progress of each step of the project at hand.

Our painting team can now take real-time photos, complete various film thickness checks, log defects and record useable data to pass directly onto our clients - without delay! This quality process enables Cake to provide minute by minute progress and solve any potential issues instantly, saving time and increasing productivity. 

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