Another Successful ‘Zero’ Incident Repair

December 13, 2017

Another Successful ‘Zero’ Incident Repair by our TowerPower - Canada Team

(Tower 57 on Deer Island, Bay of Fundy, Canada)

“Looking back at NB Power L045, Tower 57 on the Deer Island crossing leaves us reassured, confident and grateful for having our methods and procedures in place that lead to a successful and zero-incident temporary repair to a failed leg for this structure erected in 1938” 

- Our Director for Operations – TowerPower Group, Canada Team.

The structural support foundation for Leg number 4 had continued to corrode since the sites installation under the aggressive salt water and oceanic tidal conditions the Bay of Fundy has grown famous for. With just under 80 years of service, Tower 57 will eventually receive a much needed full remediation in late summer 2018.

The team involved in this successful project was designed based on many years of experience and a heightened attention to technology improvements. It certainly cauterized both our belief, and that of our clients, that having Tower Power contracted for this task is the right choice!

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