Cake Commercial Services specialises in corrosion control solutions, Protective Coatings & Blasting, Intumescent Coatings, Concrete Remediation, Passive Fire Protection, Asbestos Removal, and Demolition Services typically for large-scale industrial organisations and government-funded agencies throughout New Zealand.

What is an Asbestos Service Provider Panel?

Cake Group are currently proud members of several Asbestos Service Provider Panels, providing our expert Asbestos Removal services to clients such as Government Funded Organisations. We've experienced first hand the tremendous value these panels can provide for clients, and this article will discuss the advantages that they bring to an organisation.

What is an Asbestos Service Provider Panel?

An Asbestos Service Provider Panel is a group of specialist Asbestos Service Providers that meet regularly with the client to collectively discuss how to best achieve the desired outcomes regarding Asbestos Removal projects.

The panel members generally consist of Asbestos Removalists and Third-Party Asbestos Consultants. They are typically assembled for large construction companies, government funded organisations, and nationwide organisations.  



What are the benefits of having an Asbestos Service Provider Panel?


Using a dedicated Asbestos Specialist and Third-Party Asbestos Assessor for a project makes financial and logical sense, but sometimes the individual or company can be too busy to engage with a project, or perhaps the quality of their service has begun to fluctuate.

This is where an Asbestos Service Provider Panel can be beneficial to the client. If implemented effectively, the client will have instant access to a selection of pre-approved Asbestos Specialists who are familiar with the business and project. This provides the client with competitive pricing and delivery and ensures that high levels of service are maintained.



What are some of the advantages of an Asbestos Service Provider Panel that companies have experienced? 


Companies through out the country using this system have shared with us the following advantages:


  1. Competitive pricing due to - several companies being involved in the bidding
  2. Clients have the best in the industry available to them
  3. The process keeps service providers honest and quality driven
  4. The deeper pool of Asbestos Specialists means that clients can run multiple projects at a time with one centralised controller to achieve the desired outcome
  5. There is a reduced down time when inducting new contractors to your business



How can you as an organisation get the best value from an Asbestos Service Provider Panel?


Cake Group has successfully been involved in Asbestos Service Provider Panels over the last few years. From our experience the following observations are signs of an effective panel:


  1. Keeping track of panel members and providing regular updates
  2. Having a central point of contact in house for Asbestos related works
  3. Meeting quarterly with each service provider to run through set KPIs
  4. Ensuring the scope of work is clear and consistent with both the Asbestos Assessor and Asbestos Removalists to provide the client with effective solutions
  5. Encouraging collaboration and innovative ideas with both the Asbestos Assessor and Asbestos Removalists to provide the end client with suitable options to solve difficult Asbestos related issues



Overall the Asbestos Service Provider Panel can provide tremendous value to clients, and when properly run they can benefit all members.

If you would like more information on this topic, or any other Asbestos Removal related issues,please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!